Henderson & Sons, Tortilla Chips

The combination of chip & dip is a guaranteed success formula! Spicy, creamy, fresh - Henderson & Sons dips are not only the perfect classic accompaniment to tasty tortilla chips, but are also the perfect side dish for a barbecue or other meal. The different dips give a special twist to each snack and complete the taste sensation.

Barbecue Dip

Deliciously aromatic with a pleasant smoky flavor.

Guacamole Dip

This creamy avocado flavor is a true classic Mexican dip.

Cheese Dip

Creamy cheese with a spicy edge. A nice savory sensation.

Hot Salsa Dip

The hot and spicy taste guarantees a very special dipping sensation.

Henderson & Sons Nuts

Within the range of Henderson & Sons we have 4 varieties of nuts that are the perfect crunchy snack. Delicious at the table or in the bar with a drink. In addition, we have handy portion packs that are ideal for retail or to-go locations!

The 4 variants have a real bite, with only the best ingredients. You just have to try them. Henderson & Sons nuts have a perfect balance between bite and flavor.

Nuts Jumbo Peanuts

Peanuts grow underground and actually belong to the legume category. They are a rich source of vitamins B1, B3 and folic acid. Two handfuls of peanuts already provide 50% of your recommended daily amount of folic acid.

Nuts Sweet & Salty

Top quality salty nuts with delicious sweet raisins, the perfectly balanced combination.

Nuts Wasabi

High-quality peanuts coated with a savory, spicy layer of the unique flavor of Asian horseradish.

Nuts Hot Chili

Top quality peanuts with a hot and spicy coating, a crunchy outer layer, finished with a pleasant spicy "bite".

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