WOW Frozen Yoghurt

WOW Frozen Yoghurt is the ideal addition for a creamy finish to a WOW Smoothie or as a nice refreshing ice cream.

Yoghurt ice cream is trendy, responsible and also very tasty. A great alternative if you want to add a healthy ice cream to your assortment. Serve WOW frozen yogurt with fresh fruits, toppings, nuts and possibly a sauce.

We have WOW Frozen Yoghurt in 2 variants:

liquid mix that is suitable for a yoghurt ice cream / soft
ice cream machine handy scoop ice cream baking of 5 liters.

In the recipe of WOW Frozen Yoghurt we use low-fat yoghurt for the tastiest and best result.

Would you like to offer a special during the season? Mix our liquid mix in your machine with the Maison Routin 1883 syrups. You will be amazed at the possibilities. Think of a Frozen Cinnamon Yoghurt or a Frozen Almond Yoghurt!

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