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The WOW concept is ideal for easily adding 100% natural smoothies to your range. Do you have a large terrace, coffee bar, beach tent or other type of catering location? Then WOW Smoothies the solution to serve a healthy smoothie quickly and efficiently!

We work with handy IQF (individually quick frozen) mixed fruit portions, so that the vitamins and minerals are optimally preserved. The fruit and vegetables are frozen at the right maturity moment, so the quality is maintained at all times.

With the WOW concept you have no preparation or waste and your smoothies are of a constant quality throughout the year. In only 30 seconds you can prepare a smoothie of the very best quality.

WOW also comes with promotional materials such as table cards and posters, we also have a wide range of blenders. The right advice for every location!

WOW! smoothies have been available in the catering industry since 2008 and are used in more than 10 countries! WOW We have placed smoothies in different categories in more than 40 different recipes. The diversity and creativity in our recipes makes us distinctive!


In just 30 seconds you serve a fresh smoothie or bowl • More than 40 different recipes • No waste and maximum margin • Choose one of our many menus that suits you best • We offer a complete concept! Think of: disposables, glassware, promotional material, training and unique WOW additives such as frozen yogurt, NFC juices, wheatgrass and super boosters. • Standardisation in preparation.



Our wide range of smoothies can be divided into the following categories:


WOW Fruit Smoothies


We have a wide range of fruit mixes. Make sure you always have some of these WOW Have smoothies in your range! These are accessible and generally recognisable combinations. A nice extra is that they are also very tasty and super healthy.


WOW Green Smoothies


Within our WOW Smoothie range we offer delicious vegetable smoothies. By mixing the right combinations of fruit and vegetables, you not only get the healthiest, but also the tastiest smoothies. In the meantime, vegetable smoothies are indispensable and besides a moment of pleasure, you also get the necessary vitamins!


WOW Smoothie Bowls


The latest development in the field of WOW! Smoothies. Instagram & Facebook are full of it, beautiful bowls that are eaten on a terrace. With our specially developed bowls, preparation is now child's play. We combine the tastiest fruits with distinctive ingredients such as seeds, yogurt or gluten-free oats. A bowl is a bit thicker than a smoothie and you garnish with fresh ingredients. The possibilities are endless!


WOW Premium Smoothies


Would you like to offer a few more special combinations? This is possible with our “Premium line”. Think of mixing with ingredients such as: Acai, Passion Fruit, Figs, Turmeric or Coconut. If your guests like to try something new, then you should definitely try some of these WOW! Have Premium Smoothies in your range!


WOW Protein Smoothies


Do you have a gym or are your guests very “healthy” then our WOW! Protein Smoothies are a godsend. We have a fruit and a vegetable version. We have already added the whey proteins! Perfect for muscle recovery after exercise!


WOW Fruit Juices (NFC) - Smoothie base juice


To get the perfect WOW You can prepare smoothie in addition to the WOW portion you also need juice of the very best quality. Within WOW! Smoothies we have a wide range of 100% natural NFC * juices. Our Smoothie base juices do not contain any additives such as sugar, E-numbers, colour or fragrances! WOW juices are essential additives for the preparation of the WOW smoothie. Packed in a handy 5 or 10 litre bag in box. Due to the packaging, we can guarantee a long shelf life. In addition, it is easy to work thanks to the tap and you can dose quickly and easily for any smoothie preparation.

* NFC: not from concentrate: We do not use concentrates in our juices! This makes our juices of the very best quality.

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